The beauty of an outdoor wedding allows for the best lighting, but also can have bugs and there can even be rain. How do you plan for an outdoor wedding, and should you just have it inside?

The pros:

If you are going to have an outdoor wedding you have the chance to stun your guests with the beauty of a sunset matrimony. Make sure to get the timing right, and to tell the photographer so they can prepare.


The lighting in outdoor photos will be divine. Indoor lighting is hard for any photographer to use. They have to have equipment that reflects light and adds light, and it would get in the way of the wedding activities. They often have to use Photoshop to add in light instead.


You have random chances of outdoor wildlife getting in the pictures. Making for great memories.


bride ranch longhorn wedding venue.jpg

You can even have a horse walk  you up the aisle.


With the cons I have a few tips for outdoor weddings. Make sure you have someone to watch the kids. They may want to explore, and you may want to enjoy the open bar. Have one adult be the designated kid watcher.


If it is a rainy season it is best to plan for it. I enjoy the rain, but a lot of people will not enjoy their makeup being destroyed. Some people rent tarps, but those can be expensive. You can also turn the reception area into the ceremony area as well. It will only take a few minutes to set everything up, or you can have it ready to go just in case. Some brides also rent out one indoor wedding for the ceremony then have the reception at another location.


If an outdoor wedding is what you want then nothing should stop you from having it. In the worst case scenario you get a little wet with a lot of laughter. Either way try not to stress. Everyone just wants to watch you be happy.

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