I am all for saving money. I even do this by buying toilet paper in bulk. When it comes to a wedding there are so many expenses that your dreams start to entail you growing a money tree. So, instead of spending hundreds to thousands on decorations why not make your own wedding decorations?



If you are going for self-expression through decorating then be sure to start them early rather than the month before. It can be a lot of stress to imagine creating all of your decorations and then realizing you already have so many other things to plan and suddenly need to budget for decorations. If this does happen then remember you have friends very willing to be used.



By Clary Photo

Although we all fancy ourselves as secretly masterful DIY people we must admit to ourselves whether or not we can create a giant Alice in Wonderland rabbit for our themed wedding. A great starting craft for DIY


Very Simple DIY Wedding Ideas

If you are looking for simple things to create for very quick wedding savings then a wedding base of a tree ring is a beautiful start. From there you can easily create greenery arrangements by snagging beautiful greens from your own backyard or a nearby hiking trail.


Painting Wine Bottles or Mason Jars



Super easy centerpieces are also easy to create by simply painting the bottles you were going to put to waste. Use this post to discover how.



By Straw Hat Photos at Peacock River Ranch

Creating your own decorations can be beautifully easy and save you an average of around $200-$400 per project you complete. If you have an event page then ask early on if your wedding party can assist with decorations and make your wedding truly unique and filled with handcrafted love.