For a one day blissful event it can be a hard decision to determine if you should spend upwards of $2000 on flowers or if you should choose just go fake and not care if anyone notices. Honestly, even if people do notice then they can still be wowed by just how real they look and appreciate the beauty surrounding them all over the place.


Why Not Both?

By Clary Photo

Much of the cost for flowers is in the bouquet itself, and the centerpieces are the sideshow. You could choose real flowers for the bouquet and the bridal party and then use silk flowers for the centerpieces.



How Much Cheaper?


The average cost of a wedding with real flowers is $1900 and only about $1000 if you use silk flowers of high quality. These numbers can fluctuate depending on the types of flowers and how realistic you want them to look. If you aren’t a full on flower person then you can get away with $300 for all the flowers.


How Real do Fake Flowers Look?

Courtesy of New Jersey Wedding

I have seen a large range of wedding on Peacock River Ranch, and I must say that I could rarely tell whether or not the flowers were fake. People rarely touch the flowers out of fear of harming them, so guests don’t typically touch to decide if they are real or fake. I think the beauty of fake flowers has grown over the years, and the difference is minimal. However, the way real flowers flow against the breeze and the true life they bring to a wedding can never fully be mimicked and nor can the smell.


Use Greenery

Another option over flowers is to add greenery above the tables. This trend is so beautiful and makes it feel like hanging trees are growing above the tables. These pieces can be intricate or simply be large vines bundled together.



What I love about fake flowers is they can last forever. The flowers do not have to die after your wedding (with real flowers you can dry them upside down to use for a long while though), and can be used as centerpieces for years to come while reminding you of your happy day.