Should Your Dog Be Part of the Wedding?

Should Your Dog Be Part of the Wedding?

Our pets are such a large part of our lives these days that they are often considered children by their owners. For some couples having their most loved ones at the wedding involves the pets that are part of their family.

“A pet plays an important role in a couple’s life and for many pet parents, family festivities would not be complete without their pet’s involvement,” said John D’Ariano, President of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS). “As a result, it’s becoming more common for couples to customize their wedding parties to include family, friends, and furry companions.”


Engagement Photos

Taken at Peacock River Ranch by Straw Hat Photos

If the hassle of having your pet at the wedding is a turn off then you can easily bring your pooch or any pet to the engagement photo session. Bring a cage along and take them out for adorable pictures that will be around forever.


During the Wedding




Dress up your loved ones in tuxedos and have them be an integral role in the wedding. Definitely think on whether or not your pet would be vibrant and happy around the guests or if they would experience stage fright. Bring them to the rehearsal and see how they respond before bringing them into a full show.


Ring Bearers


Photo Credit: Justin & Mary (left); Nashan Photographers (right)

Many well-trained pooches are able to be trained to bring the ring up to the couple. This is pretty frightening when it comes to what could go wrong, so another option is to have your pet on a leash instead of walking solo.


Alert Your People


Vicki Grafton Photography

Make sure to tell your wedding venue that you plan to have your pet along. Some venues do not allow animals, and so you can have your pet be part of the wedding photos after. Also, let your guests know just in case they have allergies so they can prepare their bodies for your beloved. Lastly, let your photographer know so they can prepare pictures.


Horse Down the Aisle


Taken by Straw Hat Photos at Peacock River Ranch

If you have a horse as a loved one, or even as a pet you have always loved but do not own, they have a horse walk you down the aisle. Horses can also be held in a stable and then be used for photos after the ceremony.


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