The hill country bride ranges from a beauty from Austin that’s either swimming in patchouli oil or straight out of UT with her engineering degree and in need of a computer that can keep up with her. She could have been raised on a farm or next to the river. The thing about the hill country is it connects you to the wild and the people in it. These are some gift ideas for a bride from the Texas hill country or one going into it.


One of the epic things about Amazon’s registry is that not only do you choose things from Amazon, but you can add anything from all over the web.


Cat Cave on Etsy from BureBure Slippers


If the country loves one thing as much as its children it’s our pets. You will find pets roaming farms or hanging out at breweries to enjoy life with their owners.  Because of this, a beautiful felt home for a pet to sleep in is the perfect give for a Texas bride.


Sleeping Bag for Two from Amazon

The only thing better than living in the hill country is trecking through it and sleeping it. The couple and sleep together in this sleeping bag made for two.

The Joy of Cooking from Amazon

Not every person needs to know how to cook, but having a book definitely makes it far more feasible. The Joy of Cooking can take anyone who has never boiled water and teach them to cook with it. It’s also a reasonable gift at around $25.


Rain Boots from Etsy

When it rains in Texas it storms, and the water will be there to greet you the next day with all your dirt turning to mud and leaving the car becoming a wet adventure. Having a cute pair of rainboots just makes the rain fun to splash in.


Bath Bombs from Amazon


There is nothing like a rainy day with the smell of grass around you and a bath filled with scented bubbles. Give the bride to be a treat that relaxes the wares of the world away.


Personalized Whiskey Barrel on Etsy



Sometimes life needs a little more liquid life. Even if they never use it this is a gorgeous gift to have around the house as decoration, and if they do use it then you have a very clever friend.