After the Wedding: What to Keep

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The glitter is stuck to a dance floor that has droplets of sweat and love still soaking in from your party the evening before. The flowers can be passed around in their fresh state to those who wish to smell them before they fade. What else is left to keep and what is best to [...]

Should you Make all the Decorations for your Wedding?

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I am all for saving money. I even do this by buying toilet paper in bulk. When it comes to a wedding there are so many expenses that your dreams start to entail you growing a money tree. So, instead of spending hundreds to thousands on decorations why not make your own wedding decorations?   [...]

Guide to DIY Rustic Wedding Decorations

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While planning your wedding there's a need to add a truly personal touch. Not the touch you buy and that one thousand others can purchase too, but decorations that you create yourself. Here is a quick guide for rustic wedding decorations. Make sure to prepare them way ahead of time, and get your bridal party [...]