Doughnut Cakes for 2019 Weddings

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2019 seems to be the year for shaking up traditions and of course, eating our way through the past as well. The doughnut cake is a completely new one for me though, and I hope it becomes a millennial trend that lasts for generations. Bite Sized Pretty in Pink Photo by Sanaz Photography For easy [...]

What Instruments Define Your Wedding Personality?

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We all have a song that we truly feel understands us. We all also have a different expression of ourselves when we go downtown to meet people we know and people we are about to know. For our weddings we put blend who we once were with who we have become. It is not a [...]

After the Wedding: What to Keep

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The glitter is stuck to a dance floor that has droplets of sweat and love still soaking in from your party the evening before. The flowers can be passed around in their fresh state to those who wish to smell them before they fade. What else is left to keep and what is best to [...]

Bride Tips: Making Sure she Eats

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It is well known from every bride I have spoken to post wedding that every time you try to eat someone will stop you to offer their congratulations. This will happen from fifty feet from the buffet table all the way up to ten feet, and then someone will drag you back several feet to [...]

Should you Make all the Decorations for your Wedding?

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I am all for saving money. I even do this by buying toilet paper in bulk. When it comes to a wedding there are so many expenses that your dreams start to entail you growing a money tree. So, instead of spending hundreds to thousands on decorations why not make your own wedding decorations?   [...]

Should Your Dog Be Part of the Wedding?

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Our pets are such a large part of our lives these days that they are often considered children by their owners. For some couples having their most loved ones at the wedding involves the pets that are part of their family. “A pet plays an important role in a couple’s life and for many pet [...]

Should you Use Fake or Real Flowers at Your Wedding

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For a one day blissful event it can be a hard decision to determine if you should spend upwards of $2000 on flowers or if you should choose just go fake and not care if anyone notices. Honestly, even if people do notice then they can still be wowed by just how real they look [...]

Six Wedding Registry Ideas for the Hill Country Bride

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The hill country bride ranges from a beauty from Austin that's either swimming in patchouli oil or straight out of UT with her engineering degree and in need of a computer that can keep up with her. She could have been raised on a farm or next to the river. The thing about the hill [...]

Different Types of Wedding Lights

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To be outrageous with the lights can make people dance all night. Soft lighting in trees invites people to linger outside and talk about the future to come. There are many lighting and sound companies that can set up your reception hall and even your ceremony spot if you wish to bring the celebratory vows [...]