Top 3 Sites to Register for your Wedding Online

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Top 3 Sites to Register for your Wedding Online

It is lovely to go to the stores in your town and be able to physically see the kitchen appliances of your future. This is definitely still a must for your wedding registry. Not everyone is tech savvy, and local stores help your town’s economy. Also it’s fun to talk to the owners as they get excited for your future wedding. There’s a lot of love circulation in little wedding stores.

People want to celebrate your wedding with you, and there are many ways to guide them. These days we also value reviews, and the ease of letting people take five minutes to order your gift. Online registers for weddings have been growing in popularity, and I love to utilize them because I can pop on another order of Cards Against Humanity for myself.

The Knot:

The Knot allows you to create a personalized wedding website, and register through multiple online stores. Your guests can search your first and last name on the site and pull up wherever you have registered.


You can also add cash as a registry option. Tell people what the fund goes to, like Hawaii 😉 , and guests can choose your vacation as an option. You can also be practical and put home renovations as an option.

My Registry:

Although you will not get the full experience of The Knot, where you can also plan your wedding and have a wedding website for guests to see, My Registry lets you add websites from all over the world. It also has an easy to use app to add gifts wherever you are.



The easiest place to register is Amazon, and most people already have an account with them. There are also free 90 day returns for a lot of the items. If you don’t want to give people too many options, or deal with registering for all those places, this is the best bet.


Cheers to your future, and all that is to come.



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