Top Three 2018 Honeymoon Spots

//Top Three 2018 Honeymoon Spots

Top Three 2018 Honeymoon Spots

These days honeymoons are not always sipping on pina coladas at a beach. The millennials are getting married and they want adventure and thrilling destinations. Perhaps wine on top of a wild tiger will suffice.


Want to support a place that was just released from 50 years of military rule? Myanmar, also known as  Burma, just started allowing tourists in, thanks to the new leader Suu Kyi. The people voted her in through her party, The National League for Democracy (NLD) in 1990. When you go make sure to support the locals who can rent out their places and offer tours. Check out this amazing blog about how to travel in Myanmar.

Panama City, Panama

Panama is a hiker’s dream and is a beautiful array of culture. It’s a trade center of the world so there’s a ton of exotic materials as well as scenery. “Three million years ago when the isthmus rose from the sea, the resulting land bridge created a link between North and South America, prompting a remarkable exchange of species. Subsequently, Panama remains one of the most biologically rich places on the planet”, claims Travel + Leisure.


Recife, Brazil

If you’re really into adventure when traveling then there’s a 1700 mile bike tour that just opened up from Rio de Janerio down the coast of Northeast Brazil. If you can get away in January this tour ends with a huge carnival. The tour goes through gorgeous and diverse cities with plenty of fresh fish along the way.


There are so many adventures to have on this planet, and these are just the beginning. As the world becomes easier to travel we get more and more chances to visit previously hidden places.

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