As time changes women are expressing their individuality more and more. This expression extends to fashion for every generation, and the wedding dress is no exception.

Royal Dress

With the wedding of a princess comes a trend that brings out the princess in us all. Wedding trends of 2019 have royal flairs to them with ballgowns and tiaras.

Figure Showing Gowns

Dress by Sophia Tolli

As women become more and more willing to express themselves we get a beautiful flow of gowns that show off the figure of the bride while still maintaining elegance.

Jumpsuit Dresses

It was Coco that led a movement of women being able to wear pants in public and now that trend of comfort and style is reaching the wedding dress.

Turtle Necks

You know that turtle neck you hated in high school because it felt like a gentle strangle? Well it has come back and I must say it is gorgeous. Age and turtlenecks go well together.