2017 Wedding Trends:

In a time where old has to meet new wedding trends will follow. Rotary phones are back and so is vintage. These weddings are where whimsy meets elaborate with warehouse types of backdrops and twinkling lights. And of course, vintage dresses.

Unforgettable Backdrops:

Brides are seeing creativity as the new technology age leads to inspiration. You can truly make a wedding that matches your style. Couples are going for venues with large landscapes to customize their event.

Photo Credit: Straw Hat Photos


Peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, dahlias and other “soft-petal” blooms are still the flowers of choice at weddings. Their versatility and ability to fit in leave them at the top desired spot. Women are also going for more unique choices of flowers such as king- and pink-ice protea.

Photo Credit: Jamee Photography

DIY Cards:

As our world becomes one of Pinterest creativity and handcrafted obsessions we see the wedding trends follow suit. Hand calligraphy is filling up invitations, but if you don’t have that skill at your fingertips try Wedding Paper Divas.

Social Media:

Instagram video edits are going professional as they become part of wedding packageoptions from videographers, says Lisa Ashley, owner and curator of the Wedding Artists Collective, a specialty group of wedding photographers and videographers. These 60- to 90-second films “have the look and feel of a cinematic trailer and are wonderful representations of the day,” she says.


Now that we have drone technology weddings can be viewed from way above. This video was filmed in Northern Ireland.

Beautiful Drone Wedding Video


What wedding trends did you participate in?