You want the food to be delicious but also not take dollars away from your honeymoon happy hours. Here are some tips to create a memorably tasty and yet affordable wedding.


While you and your beloved are taking pictures your guests will be waiting around with starving stomachs. Save money on catering and make your own appetizers to have waiting in your reception hall. I recommend having favorites from both of your childhoods. My wedding would have fancy pizza rolls with fresh basil on top. Deviled eggs and cheeseboards are other crowd pleasers.

Only Serve Appetizers

A recent wedding trend is to not do a large sit-down meal or buffet but to instead do a ton of appetizers. You can have more unique options and your guests can continue to mingle without having to sit down for a meal service.


Food Truck Wedding

From WedMagz

Food trucks can cost about $10 a head and you do not have to provide silverware or plates. You also look like a trendy person that knows the going ons of the world.

Have your Family Cook

If you have a chef in the family, or you just have a family that loves to create food, then ask everyone to come together to make the wedding food. You will get a lot of personal love put into the meal, and it is a great way for both sides of the family to bond before the wedding.

BBQ Wedding

You can roast hot dogs at the wedding with S’mores to bring back the sweetness. To fill out the meal with vegetarian options and easier options there can be vegetables to roast on skewers as well.


What food did you have at your wedding?