What Instruments Define Your Wedding Personality?

What Instruments Define Your Wedding Personality?

We all have a song that we truly feel understands us. We all also have a different expression of ourselves when we go downtown to meet people we know and people we are about to know. For our weddings we put blend who we once were with who we have become. It is not a false expression of the self, but more a way to explore how we have grown over all of these years, and what we feel the future of our growth will be.

For the wedding, we must also consider the age of everyone who will be celebrating with us, as well as the viewpoints those we love hold.

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Instruments can be used to greet the guests and be played as we walk down the aisle. They can also be used during the reception. The options range from one instrument to five or more. You could do a full-on jazz ensemble or go with the simplicity of a violin.

The Cello

The cello is a loud and gorgeous instrument that can reach very deep and resonate tones. The most famous cello song for weddings is Canon in D and is used as the bridesmaids walk down the aisle. You can play it in the video above. The next song has become famous and is played by men redefining how epic the cello is. It is a mixed song with piano keys accompanying the strings.


The violin is similar to the cello as it is also stringed. Sweeter is the sound of the violin and also more sharp as it hits the higher notes of sound. Canon in D can also be played on the violin. The song above is a combination of cello and violin.


The most classic instrument for a wedding is one used by the gods. The harp has the sweetest and most harmonious sound of the stringed instruments.


After the strings, we have wooden instruments. Wood will also hit higher notes and can also reach lower notes. The sound difference between wood and sounds simply has to do with air. Listen to hear how such a simple change can modify everything. Adding wooden instruments to your ensemble will usually be as an accompaniment rather than a solo clarinet or flute.


The flute is also an accompanying instrument. The song above is a trio and allows you to hear the flute and violin and cello together.


The piano is an incredible classic for a reason. It is a backdrop to many many songs and holds a melody that reaches the entire room. This instrument would definitely be used at the reception rather than the ceremony as it is difficult to carry.

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