When to Start Planning your Wedding

//When to Start Planning your Wedding

When to Start Planning your Wedding

The ring has slipped onto the finger and your first thought is “Wow, it’s finally forever” and the next one “Shoot! Time to plan the wedding!”

We are told so often about the weddings where everything falls apart because the ice swan wasn’t delivered at the right time and the band wasn’t booked a year ahead. Wedding venues being booked on your date is another fear we hear in all the movies. But what about reality? Well. It depends.


Book the Venue

In reality, the main thing you want to book is the venue, and then you can book the rest months later. Many brides recommend fourteen months ahead of time in order to secure your perfect place. Be flexible though and ask for dates around the time you were originally¬†looking at. Once you book the venue you are able to book everything else. What you don’t want is to book anything before the venue and then have to change the date.


Next Plans

After the venue just think of what you want to book that might get snatched away from you. The photographer, band, and caterer should be booked and chosen about ten to seven months ahead to assure they will be at your wedding. The wedding dress should also be picked to give time for adjustments and make sure you know the weight you either plan to be or stick to the weight you have now so they don’t have to adjust right before the wedding.


Here Comes the Bride

The invitations. If forgotten then people won’t have you marked in their calendar and might not be able to come. Of course, if you secretly want a smaller wedding this could be your strategy.¬† At the sevenish month mark you can plan decorations and the last minute details.

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