Where to Eat in Gatesville, Texas

//Where to Eat in Gatesville, Texas

Where to Eat in Gatesville, Texas

Peacock River Ranch is nestled on a gigantic property surrounded by the Leon River. The town surrounding us is Gatesville, Texas. It’s a humble town and is also the spur capital of Texas. If you visit our museum downtown you can spin them at your leisure. Since I left the town in 2010 it has gained a few new restaurants. Back in my day, it was between Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. We were so thrilled when fried chicken and biscuits arrived.

The Feed Mill

Found on Yelp

Without an actual website, but 4.5 stars out of 42 reviews on Yelp this word of mouth restaurants knows how to work a small town. They know the names and frequent meals of their customers, and most business folks from downtown come here to catch up on town gossip and see their oldest friends. The fried pickles hit every spot.

Prima Pasta

From Cody H on Yelp

This is the best hometown Italian food! The owners are amazing and feel like close friends that I could turn to, and I have for cannoli advice. Their cannolis have chocolate and cream that came from the gods of Italy blessing them with skills. Their specials board always has great deals, so just order from there.


Known for their chicken fried steak. I have fond memories of this place and grew up eating at their salad bar. It is the most extensive salad bar in town and I was so excited about the variety.

The only other place like it was this Chinese buffet that shut down. An interesting story about this joint, the owner’s wife used to own a restaurant in town that was everyone’s favorite, especially since she would bring you a pound cake on your birthday and two if someone had passed away. That pound cake is now served at Rancher’s and has that same amount of love.

Bare Bones BBQ

Bare Bones is actually owned by the same owners as The Feed Mill and is the first BBQ restaurant in Gatesville. It serves up all the classics.

El Tapatio

The best Mexican food in town. They have been established for years and have two locations. The chips are crisp and the salsa burning. They’ll also send you extra cheese and sour cream anytime you ask.

There are many other restaurants in town but these are the ones I grew up with and a couple that have popped up and I’ve tried when I go home.

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