Where to Find the Perfect Spot for Your Wedding

//Where to Find the Perfect Spot for Your Wedding

Where to Find the Perfect Spot for Your Wedding

So. There’s this perfect place in the woods nestled into the Appalachian mountains where you hike for two days and that’s the spot where you want to get married. How do you propose doing this with with Grandma Gene getting there who can’t walk? Ok, how about getting married in Hawaii? Near a hotel and right next to a rocky cliff portraying an amazing Maui sunset off the beach. What do you do if some family members who absolutely must come to your wedding are scared of flying in an airplane?

Photo by Charleton Hill in Vancouver


Two Weddings

The answer to this can be quite tricky between compromising that five-star dream rating place that you and your life partner smile upon and the loved ones that might be difficult in accomplishing this with.

Photo from Pearson’s Pond in Alaska

In some cases maybe you can have two weddings. It’s not uncommon for some couples to wed multiple times and celebrate with different family members and guests each time to accommodate. The most important thing is to keep your head about where you want to have your special day. If your thirsting for an Alaskan wedding then The Knot has advice on how to make it happen. A cruise is part of their suggestion.

Photo by Straw Hat Photos at Peacock River Ranch

The people around you are what make your wedding and if it’s meant to work out in the location you dreamed, then all is well and if not, then that’s okay too. The heart of celebrating a wedding and the vitality for which it thrives are in the people present. The cooky aunt who everyone loves to hang around (but only for a short time) or old grandpa bill who gets along so great with the children or some couples from college who can take over the dance floor to get the party started are examples of the essentials of what makes your special day a frozen droplet in time to forever remember at the end of the day and the location will always be second to that.

Photo Courtesy of Wilderness Weddings

P.S. If you can take a plane to the UK there is a gorgeous outdoor wedding venue that has buses to transport you and your guests to tents. The destination is thriving with old oak trees and swans.

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