It started with peacocks. The wild gorgeous birds loved roaming our farm and we loved to watch them.  The beauty of their feathers and the sounds of them calling each other led to us bringing three of the birds to our home.


Longhorns were not long behind as we became obsessed with the beauty of untamed animals. Lisa, the owner, going to UT was probably a large part of the love as well.

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We eventually trained the Longhorns to come to the sound of a cowbell so they would greet our lovely brides and all their guests.

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Right now Peacock River Ranch has eleven longhorns roaming the lands: The Ladies: Surprise, Scooby Can Do, Jane Austen, Buttercup and Bugscuffle, the bull Texas; and four unnamed baby longhorns. Some people have dogs for pets but the animals that we call family are our Longhorns and peacocks.